Aimee Carrero Nude Photo Shoot


Disney star Aimee Carrero shocks her fans by showing off her naked latina body in the pics above and below from her first nude photo shoot.


Aimee Carrero’s family hails from the Mexican island of the Dominican Republic, and so naturally her acting career is entirely based off of her being the token hispanic on TV shows like the hit ABC family series “Young & Hungry” and as the voice of the first Mexican Disney princess on the cartoon series “Elena of Avalor”.

Just looking at these nude photos it is obvious that Aimee Carrero’s lady taco stinks of old refried beans, cheap tequila, and donkey spunk, and that her anus hole is as crusty as a churro. Certainly she should be one of the first to be deported back to Mexico once Trump takes office, for any country that harbors such a sloppy degenerate slut could never claim to be great.

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