Alexandra Daddario Fully Nude Photo


Alexandra Daddario poses fully nude in the photo above.

Clearly Alexandra is flaunting her nude body in this photo in the hopes of seducing one (or more) of us virile Muslim men into taking her as a concubine, and vigorously pounding out her sin holes with our enormous meat scuds. Unfortunately for Alexandra standing naked on a couch in this shameful display of female sexuality is not an effective way to win the hearts and loins of us masculine Muslim cocksmen.

If Alexandra were covered from head-to-toe in a thick black wool burka while holding an AK-47 and standing on the bones of slain infidels, that would certainly get our tunic snakes righteously rigid. For Alexandra must understand that the only way she will receive the incredible honor of being a Muslim’s cum receptacle is if she is humble, chaste, and willing to sacrifice herself for the glory of Allah.

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