Alison Brie Naked And Practicing Safe Sex


As you can see from the topless nude photo above of her opening a condom, it appears as though Alison Brie is finally practicing safe sex.

Of course Alison is one of the most notorious bareback starlets in all of heathen Hollywood, so it would certainly come as no surprise to find out that her sex holes were infested with every form of STD known to man (and some that are still yet to be discovered).


In fact, ever since Alison began practicing safe sex public health officials have reported a 10% drop in cases of militant gonorrhea in the greater Southern California area. Whether or not that drop can be directly linked to Alison’s condom usage is up for debate, but take a look at her past sex photos above and judge for yourself.


Yes, it is good to see that Alison Brie is finally taking VD seriously by utilizing tried and true methods like prophylactics and facials to keep from spreading her no doubt countless crotch cooties.

Perhaps the next time Alison does one of her slutty signings a fan will present her with the above topless condom photo to sign to show our appreciation, for as virile cocksmen us Muslims are the most at risk for fiery loin infections.

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