Amy Adams Nude Scene From “Sunshine Cleaning”

The video above features a brief and extremely rare Amy Adams nude scene from the film “Sunshine Cleaning”.

As you can see from this video, Amy Adams thought that she could slip her perky little titties and tiny round nipples past us as she quickly puts on her bra. Little does Amy know that at the “Celeb Jihad Institute of Celebrity Sluttery” (better known as CJICS) in Tehran, pious Muslim imams are hard at work around the clock scouring the filth that comes out of heathen Hollywood for signs of sinful female nudity.

Often times these courageous crusaders of virtue will come home after their shifts utterly drained from dehydration and the intense cramping in their wrists and forearms. However, it is all worth it when brazen celebrity whores like Amy Adams get caught in the act of exposing their blasphemous nude bodies like this. Thus making their inevitable trials in Sharia court a slam dunk for the prosecution.

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