Angel McCord Nude – The Sacred (13 Pics + Videos)

The Fappening Blog screenshots and videos below present Angel McCord’s full frontal nude lesbian sex scene from the film ‘The Sacred’ (2012) brightened and enhanced in HD.

Angel “Angie” McCord, was born Angel Louise McCord on May 19, 1985 in Tucker, Georgia. She is an American actress who formerly served in the US Army and first came to be known as the older sister of AnnaLynne McCord.



Angel McCord is showing cleavage in a wet unbuttoned shirt with a red bra peeking out as she stands at the door of a cabin and Heather Roop lets her in. Angel then stands by the fireplace to warm herself, pulling off her wet shirt and then seen standing naked with her breasts in view as Heather brings her a bath robe. After Angel puts on the robe, she approaches Heather and the girls lesbian kiss for a bit before Heather makes an exit, showing pokey nipples in her white tank top.


Angel is standing by a fireplace in a bath robe and as Heather Roop approaches, Angel drops her robe off to show full-frontal nudity. Heather shows pokey nipples in her tank top as she walks over to Angel and the girls lesbian kiss and Angel runs her hands up to touch Heather’s breasts and pull her tank top over her head. Another naked girl then shows up and she and Angel sandwich the topless Heather between them as they run their hands over her body and kiss and lick her in this lesbian threesome dream sequence.


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