Angelina Jolie Au Naturel Nude Photo


Angelina Jolie spreads her legs and shows off her righteously hairy lady cave in the nude photo above.

Obviously all the time Angelina Jolie has spent in the civilized Islamic world doing “charity work” (*cough servicing Muslim manhoods) for the UN has paid off, as she has the beginnings of a halal pubic bush brewing between her legs.

Yes unlike her Western whore contemporaries, Angelina has learned that there is nothing more erotic then a thick coat of musty dark black pubic hair covering a woman’s shameful cock bucket, and that the sight of bare lady bits is grotesque to both us pious Muslims and to Allah himself.

Of course Angelina still has a ways to go before her hairy pubic burka is complete, as ideally it should descend down from her belly button and completely engulf her vagina and much of her ass. However, she is certainly well on her way to getting were she needs to be.

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