Anna Kendrick Flaunts Her Cleavage


Musician and “Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick just can not seem to keep those things hidden away… put your damn teeth back in your mouth you toothy bitch!

While we are on the subject of things Anna Kendrick should be hiding, her sinful feminine breasts should also be covered at all times. The last thing us pious Muslims want to see are the soft curves of Anna’s supple breasts… it is offensive and nauseating.

Obviously Anna Kendrick is showing her cleavage because she wants nothing more than to play snake in the valley with a Muslim’s tunic python, and then give an awful blowjob with those prolapsed incisors of hers. What Anna Kendrick doesn’t realize is that if we wanted big ugly teeth grinding against our dicks we’d just f*ck our donkeys from the other end.

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