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Anna Kendrick Nip Slip Photos

Mousey faced actress Anna Kendrick suffers a nip slip in the photo above, and then brazenly shows off her nipples again in a see through dress in the picture below.

Clearly Anna Kendrick is flaunting her tit toppers in the hopes of drawing attention away from her overbite and big nose. It is the same reason why Anna has tried so hard to cultivate a quirky “funny girl” persona… Unfortunately for Anna it is impossible for women to be funny, just as it is impossible for her nipples to distract from just how frumpy she is.

Yes women are simple minded creatures by nature, so they lack the necessary brain power to compose witty statements. Of course women are often inadvertently funny by saying extremely foolish things or falling over from exhaustion while pulling the plow out in the fields, but that doesn’t really count. With that in mind Anna’s best bet to momentarily make up for her plain looks would be to accidentally step on a rake, for not only would that be hilarious but it would probably improve her appearance.

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