Ariana Grande And Selena Gomez Post Almost Topless Selfies


Pop star Ariana Grande shows a surprising amount of cleavage considering her membership in the itty bitty titty committee in the scandalous selfie photo above.

Not ever one to be outdone in the degenerate whore department, Selena Gomez also posted an unseemly selfie in which she just barely covers her breasts in the photo below.


It is interesting to note how similar both of these former child stars turned singers/actresses selfies are, as both Ariana and Selena push the limits of almost showing their titties while drawing attention to their lips (Ariana by seductively sucking the tip of her finger and Selena by pouting her engorged man pleasers) in these photos.

That is of course because Ariana and Selena are both following the same depraved manual crafted by Satan’s minions in the Zionist controlled entertainment industry, which teaches them to use debauchery to capture the attention of the infidel public and profit off of the debasing of society.

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