Ariana Grande Sex Mixtape Video

Pop star Ariana Grande is no stranger to being on the business end of a dick, and now she appears to be showing off her sex skills to a mix of her hit singles in the video above.

With her small tight body and penchant for dressing in leather fetish gear, it is clear that Ariana Grande desperately needs to get her lady holes pounded hard by a powerful Muslim man. Of course for us to do so would require complete silence from Ariana, for not only would her shitty pop music cause our mighty tunic snakes to retreat up into our pelvises like frightened turtles, but the sound of her voice in general is the ultimate anti-Viagra.

Yes there is nothing worse than laying the pipe on a taut little slut like Ariana Grande, and having one’s pious eardrums accosted with the sinful sounds of female sexual pleasure. So in Ariana’s case it would certainly be best if we severed her tongue with a scimitar before any sex occurs.

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