Ariana Grande Sex Music Video For “Rule The World”

Ariana Grande appears to have just released the graphic nude and sex filled music video above for her latest hit single “Rule The World”.

As you can see, Ariana performs this song with the jigaboo nig nog rapper known as “2 Chainz” (a nickname no doubt given to him by the powerful North African Muslim slave traders who sold him off to the music industry). Surprisingly a known coal burner like Ariana does not get banged by 2 Chainz in the video (at least not on camera), but rather appears to partake in a crocked white cock in her various gratuitous sex scenes.

One could say that this video is a sign that Ariana is progressing as an “artist” in the hopelessly depraved infidel West. However, if she puts any more bronzer on in these videos she is going to find her self receiving welfare along with a bunch of scholarship offers from prestige universities.

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