Ariana Grande’s Latest Candid Booty Pics Are Impressive


As you can see in the photos below, Ariana Grande’s latest in concert candid booty pictures are certainly impressive as her little round ass appears to be tighter than ever.

This just goes to show that you don’t need fancy pyrotechnics or surprise celebrity guests to put on a good show (*ahm Taylor), for Ariana has demonstrated in these pics that all that is required is an extremely short frilly skirt, some studded high heels, a feather boa, and an ass that would make even the most successful of Muslim bacha bazis (dancing boys) green with envy.

I can not make any promises of course, but if Ariana Grande continues to avoid the spear chucking dirt skins and keeps up her taut rump, she may just have her ultimate fantasy come true and get her anus hole brutally stretched and pummeled by the powerful tunic snake of a virile Muslim man. Certainly that would be quite an amazing redemption for this recovering mudshark whore.


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