Ariel Winter Thong Bikini Candid Beach Video

Just when we thought we were finally done seeing 19-year-old “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter’s plump teen ass in a thong bikini, the candid beach video above gets released and brings Ariel’s brazen booty display into live action.

At this point I think I’ve seen more of Ariel Winter’s ass in the last week then the rumps of any of my seven wives in all my years of marriage… And not just because I insist on feeding them my tunic meat in the pitch dark with a goat skin draped over their backs.

Not since the Mongol hordes of Genghis Kong, have us pious Muslims been made to suffer from such heinous acts of barbarism. No doubt Ariel Winter’s Spring Break ass assault on our holy Muslim aesthetic will go down in Islamic history as one of our darkest periods. However, despite the insufferable bleakness of so much sinful female bare butt, we can rest assured that it will not break us for Allah will grant us the strength to endure, and we will emerge from Ariel’s tight tushy tormenting stronger then ever before!

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