Ariel Winter’s Dumpy Ass In A Thong Bikini


Ariel Winter flaunts her disgusting dumpy ass in a skimpy thong bikini in the photo above.


Who told this sloppy sow of a woman that she has a nice butt? No doubt it was the effeminate homoqueer helping to lift up Ariel’s droopy booty cheek in the photo above.

Yes, the women in the Western world suffer from a severe self-esteem crisis… In that they have far too much of it. Ariel Winter is the perfect example of this, for a woman with any sense would be properly ashamed of her flabby fat body.

However, it is the exact opposite for Ariel as she considers herself “fit”, and is constantly posting videos like the one above of her “working out”. Perhaps if Ariel would put some weight on the bar when deadlifting she wouldn’t look like 180lbs of crap stuffed into a 100lbs bag in those exercise clothes.

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