Ashley Greene Bikini Pictures


Ashley Greene has made a name for herself by being the 2nd hottest chick (behind Robert Pattinson) in the Twilight movie series.

However, now Ashley is making a move to be considered a true sex symbol the only way a weak-minded female like herself knows how, by posing for pictures nearly naked.

Girls like Ashley Greene are indicative of what is wrong with Western society. Instead of learning useful skills like plowing, machine repair, or anal to increase their sexiness they resort to the base act of exposing their bodies to the world.

Yes these pictures of Ashley Greene in a bikini are nothing but another sad attempt by a desperate wannabe Hollywood whore. If you are reading this Ashley please put on a burqa and pick up a plow, at the very least the exercise will help plump that pancake ass of yours. Allahu Akbar!


ashley-greene ashley-greene ashley-greene ashley-greene

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