Aubrey Plaza Nude Scene From “Legion”


Saucy slut Aubrey Plaza shows off her bare ass in the nude scene below from the TV series “Legion”.

By the way Aubrey’s legs wobble in this nude scene and the fact that she is out in the desert, it is clear that she has just been vigorously sexed by a virile Muslim man.


Before we judge this Muslim man too harshly for banging a fugly skank like Aubrey, let us take a moment and reflect on the photo above and the fact that from behind Aubrey’s appearance is not too bad.

In fact, Aubrey’s body in general is somewhat acceptable. If one were to throw a couple of hijabs over her ugly mug and chug a jug of fermented yak’s milk, she would certainly be an acceptable lay for a pious Muslim out traveling through the desert.

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