Bella Thorne Is Subtle With Her Cleavage


17-year-old former Disney star Bella Thorne is oh so subtle about flaunting her cleavage in this new photo she just posted to her Twitter.

As you can see, Bella’s smooth young breast is nearly falling out of her lace trimmed bra as she lays on her bed, and no doubt daydreams about us impossibly handsome and ruggedly masculine Muslim men.

Of course it is certainly natural for a girl Bella’s age to have certain “urges”… but that is mainly because she is in the twilight of her prime breeding years and has yet to reproduce. Why if Bella doesn’t start squirting out Muslim babies soon, it is doubtful that she’ll be able to produce more than 6 or 7 future Jihadists before she hits her mid-twenties and becomes far too old and unattractive to fornicate with.


Yes Bella Thorne needs to stop wasting her time taking slutty pictures and shaking her tight teen booty in short shorts like in the GIF above, and go out and find her self a nice Muslim husband before her ovaries dry up and her uterus prolapses.

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