Bella Thorne Topless In A Lingerie Thong

Bella Thorne walks around completely topless while in a lingerie thong and stockings in the behind-the-scenes video above from a new photo shoot.

It appears as though Bella Thorne has finally learned how to move around without looking like a spastic retard who just tried ecstasy for the first time. Unfortunately for Bella despite this improvement she still has the face of a freshly post-op tranny, and cold dead eyes from her years of drug use and sexual abuse on Disney channel casting couches (as you can see in the photo below).


Yes with this topless video Bella Thorne is making great strides in the erotic seduction department. Of course if Bella really wants to get the blood flowing to our mighty tunic snakes, she’d post a video of herself bent over… with a scud missile stuffed up her ass right before it gets fired off towards Tel Aviv.

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