Bella Thorne Twerking Her Ass In Spandex

Saucy teen strumpet Bella Thorne twerks her tight little ass while in spandex in the video above.

Bella certainly appears to have a pleasingly taut rump, and an anal hole that is in desperate need of a good hard pounding from a Muslim man’s gigantic meat scud. Perhaps if there were no bacha bazi (dancing boys) around at the time a generous Muslim would give her rectum the extreme stretching it clearly desires.

Of course Bella would first have to promise to keep her eyes downcast at all times, and suppress any signs of sinful female sexual pleasure she may experience while she gets her lower intestine pulverized by a mighty Islamic tunic snake. This might be an impossible task for Bella for getting her anus sexed by a Muslim will no doubt be the most intense erotic pleasure she has ever experienced, and as you can see in the Snapchat photos below Bella is one expressive minx. Although if she let out a Yiddish “oy” her decapitated head would hit the ground before she finished pronouncing the “y”.


bella-thorne bella-thorne bella-thorne
bella-thorne bella-thorne bella-thorne

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