Beyonce Ass Shaking In Concert Video

The monstrous she-boon known only as “Beyonce” can be seen savagely shaking her bloated hindquarters while performing in concert in the video above.

By performing the primitive mating dance of her people, Beyonce is signaling to potential male suitors that she is in heat. While her female ancestors could simply walk around with their bright red asses on display to signal fertility, Beyonce must rhythmically jiggle her booty flesh while screeching loudly into a microphone to indicate her impending ovulation and desire to fornicate.

Unfortunately animals like Beyonce are almost always in search of insemination, and so we are constantly being subjected to their gyrating bulbous booties. Thankfully once these creatures have been hooked up to a plow and given a hard lashing with stiff Nile reeds, their powerful rumps can be harnessed for good and set to work tilling the land on a Muslim’s vast poppy farm.

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