Beyonce Practicing Her Mating Dance


The creature known as “Beyonce” practices her mating dance in the disturbing GIF above.

Clearly Beyonce is in heat for when the female pavement ape is ovulating its “booty” becomes even more engorged then normal, and she will begin to “twerk” it to attract the attention of the males of the species (as Beyonce is doing in this GIF).

Once Beyonce has been inseminated by a gang of suitors, she will retreat back into the jungle and prepare a nest made of government subsidized twigs, vines, banana peels, and empty KFC containers. Then Beyonce will squat down and deposit her brood, before immediately abandoning the hatchlings to return to booty shaking and start the process all over again. Thus is the life cycle of the North American she-boon in all of its majestically depraved glory.

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