Britney Spears Posts Sloppy Bikini Pic To Instagram


Britney Spears just posted this sloppy photo to Instagram of her looking disheveled in a bikini while standing in the living room of her suite at the airport La Quinta.

This Britney Spears bikini photo perfectly illustrates what is wrong with social media. Not only are whores allowed to instantly post photos of their nearly nude bodies, but there is no editorial process to save us from nauseating old hags like Britney trying to recapture their youth by snapping bikini pics while sucking in their guts.

When Islam conquers the West all social media will be reviewed by a council of Imams. When someone posts anything out of line with the teachings in the holy Qur’an (like this Britney Spears’ bikini picture, or a shot of the organic oil packed-tuna, avocado, white bean, and arugula salad they are having for lunch) you better believe their accounts will be banned and the mujahedin will be dispatched to issue some severe Muslim justice.

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