Brittany Renner Leaks More Nude Photos


Social media star Brittany Renner appears to have just leaked the new batch of nude photos below online.


brittany-renner brittany-renner brittany-renner

Of course this isn’t the first time that nude pictures of Brittany Renner have been released to the Web (as you can see here), so it is clear that Brittany’s owner is getting quite desperate to unload her…

And while us powerful Muslims generally find female nigras to be unhygienic and ill-tempered, there is no denying that Brittany has certain attributes (namely her powerful bulbous posterior) that would be put to good use out in the fields on a poppy plantation.

That is why I will generously extend an offer to purchase this slutty Sub-Saharan for a half tank of insecticide, 3 old sandals (2 lefts and 1 right), and a Nokia flip cell phone with a damaged screen. Inshallah this offer will be well received, and Brittany’s 5.1 million Instagram followers will soon get to enjoy seeing her toiling away in a full black wool burka under the hot desert sun.

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