Chloe Grace Moretz Shows Her Naked Ass For Votes


Chloe Grace Moretz has been one of the most vocal celebrity supporters of Hillary Clinton for President, and now she is putting her ass on the line (literally) by getting naked and bending over to get people to vote.

Chloe is simply following the depraved example of other Clinton celebrity supporters like Katy Perry who is trying to entice voters by promising that she will go out and vote naked, and Madonna who threatened voters by promising the same. Unfortunately Chloe didn’t get the memo that this is only supposed to be a tease (perhaps the email got deleted), as she spreads open her butt cheeks to show off both of her well punched ballot boxes in the nude photo above.

Of course it is not surprising to see so many slutty celebrities going to extremes to try and get Hillary elected for they know that when she does become President she will flood the US with many more of us undeniably handsome virile Muslim men, and they all hope that we will culturally enrich them by forcefully shoving our enormous meat scuds into their stink holes.

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