Cindy Crawford Nude For W Magazine


48-year-old Cindy Crawford shows that she has still got it in this nude photo from the March 2014 issue of W magazine. Of course by “it” I mean that hairy cancerous mole on the top of her lip, as her decrepit naked body is repulsive.

Elderly women like Cindy Crawford should not be having pictures taken of their sagging bare ass while they wait for their hospice nurse to come put on a fresh Depends diaper.

Of course in the degenerate West they find this sort of old lady smut erotic, and there will be no shortage of geriatric fetishists proclaiming how great Cindy Crawford looks in this picture.

It is just unfortunate that when Cindy Crawford turned 30 she didn’t go out back and shoot herself on top of the compost heap, so that she could still serve a useful purpose as fertilizer. That is what I call a woman aging with grace and dignity.

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