Dakota Fanning Dancing In A Bikini


Former child star Dakota Fanning shakes her ass on a boat full of whores while dressed in a skimpy purple bikini in the video below.

Dakota Fanning recently turned 52-years-old, and her dilapidated body is certainly looking worse for wear… Especially her protruding pussy mound which appears to still be swollen from getting pounded on the heathen Hollywood casting couches back in her heyday.


Yes, Dakota has clearly been rode hard and put up wet too many times. In fact, you can still see the marks on her skinny fat thighs where the jockeys have been hitting her. So like all banged out geriatric degenerate sluts Dakota futilely attempts to recapture her lost youth by flailing around to shitty music while tripping on Molly. Unfortunately for Dakota by behaving like this the only thing that she is going to recapture is another bout of militant gonorrhea.

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