Demi Lovato Almost Double Nip Slip


Former Disney star and teen slut Demi Lovato almost unleashed both of her nipples in what would of been a nearly unprecedented double nip slip in the photo above.

As it is I am pretty sure she is showing at least a small piece of her disgusting areolas. I shudder at the thought of her probably slightly brownish pink, small, hairless, perky nipples poking out in erotic arousal.

Clearly Demi Lovato has taken her sluttery to a new level by corrupting my mind with such unpleasant thoughts. She must be brought to justice for not only offending me, but all good Muslims with the proper Islamic aesthetic that views a female’s nipples with nothing but disdain. I can only hope the United States does the right thing in this matter, and turns Demi Lovato over to a Sharia court posthaste before her nipples slip out further.

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