Demi Lovato Fat Ass Compilation Video


Over the past few months Demi Lovato has been waddling around the US of A flaunting her fat ass and meaty thighs in a thong slut suit while on tour. In the video below, we have compiled some of Demi’s most brazen live show antics including her twerking her bulbous rump and grinding her thunder thighs onstage.

Only in the hopelessly depraved and morbidly obese Western world could a pear shaped cow of a woman like Demi Lovato think that she is sexy, and have the nerve to prostitute her undulating booty blubber like this. Of course this is a false confidence projected by bulbous bovine women to make up for the fact that they are repulsive slobs.


If Demi Lovato wants to develop a real sense of self-worth then she will take her oversized hindquarters to go work on a Muslim’s poppy farm. For once her tubby tush is being put to good use pulling the plow she will finally find peace in her life’s purpose as a beast of burden.

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