Demi Lovato Flashes Sexual Hand Gesture To Fans


Demi Lovato continued her descent into immorality yesterday while performing for her fans at a mall in Glendale.

As you can clearly see in the picture above Demi Lovato flashed an extremely perverse sexual hand gesture to her fans.

Using the microphone to represent the male genitalia, Demi cupped her hands into a circle around it to symbolize a gaping vagina (possibly hers). This sick symbol is used by sluts to signal that they are looking for a large well endowed male capable of filling their well used orifice.

Demi Lovato is quickly becoming one of the nastiest gutter skanks in Hollywood. If she is interested in landing extremely large man meat that is her business. However, when she starts using her concerts to troll for her next fix of monster c*ck it sends the wrong message to those girls stupid enough to consider her a role model.

Like it or not, functionally retarded women consider Demi Lovato a role model, and by her acting out like this they are going to get the wrong idea. Girls need to learn that a man can pleasure them no matter how small… and crocked his penis is.

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