Demi Lovato Lesbian Bikini Vacation


Demi Lovato is not taking the breakup with her long time lesbian companion Selena Gomez well, so she went on vacation to what appears to be a lesbian resort in the Bahamas.

At the resort Demi was photographed in her bikini getting friendly with a large topless “diesel dyke” in red swim trunks. No word yet if this she-beast is Demi’s new lesbian love interest or if she is just a quick rebound. Needless to say Demi Lovato’s self-esteem is hitting rock bottom right now, and her new lady friend is not going to be making Selena Gomez jealous at all.

Demi Lovato has got to realize that she is an attractive girl (as these bikini pictures show) and she has a lot to offer a girl. Any girl who doesn’t appreciate her is not worth Demi’s time. There are plenty of women out there that would jump at the chance to be with her and treat her right.


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