Dua Lipa New Years Nipples And Bikini Pics


Pop star Dua Lipa celebrates the new year by stuffing her face with cake while showing off her nipples in a see through top in the photo above.

The last thing Dua should be doing to celebrate the new year is eating sweets, for as you can see from the candid bikini pics below, at 23-years-old her dumpy ass is already a cellulite riddled mess.


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people people people

Dua Lipa is yet another example of a typical millennial “empowered” woman who is destined for the trash heap when the world Islamic caliphate is finally established. For not only is she a brazen whore, but like many girls of her generation she is covered in hideous random prison tattoos.

Unfortunately for Dua the only branding she really needs to get is a bull’s-eye on her forehead… For when the stones of justice begin to fly at her degenerate noggin she will be hoping for a direct hit to put her out of her misery quickly.

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