Emily Browning Nude Hotel Room Video Leaked

This video of “Sucker Punch” star Emily Browning naked in a hotel room has just leaked online.

As you can see by Emily Browning’s complete lack of clothing and smeared mascara in this video she has clearly just been f*cked hard, and then made to gag on a cock until her eyes watered. Now Emily is experiencing postcoital munchies as she orders a large meal from room service.

However, it is clear that her ravenous sexual appetite is not yet satiated as well, as she requests honey on the side to spread over little titties, avocado slices to shove up her lady cave, and of course bottles of water which will no doubt find their way into her rectum.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Emily Browning naked and behaving like a whore in bed on video. Who could forget Emily’s scenes in the video below from the 2011 film “Sleeping Beauty”, in which she plays a slut who likes to pretend she is asleep while old men take turns using and abusing her nubile body.

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