Emily Ratajkowski Intimate 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Video

Emily Ratajkowski shows all the hard work that she puts into being a tremendous whore in this “intimate” video from her 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue photo shoot.

It is such a shame that Emily has decided to waste the potential of her luscious bulbous breasts and tight shapely butt by spending her time posing for photos for depraved infidel men’s magazines. What is the point of Emily having such exquisitely crafted sex organs if she is not going to use them to the best of their abilities by devoting them to the service of a competent Muslim cocksman?

Yes it is clear from this video that Emily Ratajkowski has committed a great offense to Islam by squandering all of her Allah given talents with this stupid Sports Illustrated photo shoot. For there is no denying that it is the will of Allah that Emily’s titties be set upon the righteous path of bouncing up into her slutty little face, while a Muslim meat scud vigorously thrusts in and out of her sweet ass.

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