Emily Ratajkowski Pulling Her Panties Down For GQ


Emily Ratajkowski pulls down the top of her panties to almost reveal her mound in this GIF from a photo shoot with GQ magazine.

If this is what Emily Ratajkowski will do for a rag magazine like GQ, just imagine what depraved acts she’d gladly perform for a good magazine like Shariah Weekly or Goats And Hoes Quarterly.

In fact seeing this Emily Ratajkowski GIF has inspired me to launch Celeb Jihad magazine. For our first issue I hope to feature 72 high quality glossy photos of yours truly banging Emily Ratajkowski in the ass.

Get your subscription now for the low introductory price of just 2 quarts of fermented goats milk, and we’ll send you a piece of the rag Emily will use to clean herself up with. Supplies are limited so act fast!

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