Emma Stone Shows Her Boobs In A See Thru Leotard


Emma Stone shocks her fans by showing her boobs in a completely see through leotard in the photo above.

Despite being a soulless redhead, Emma Stone is beloved by the infidel masses for her quirky personality, and is known for usually being relatively modest by depraved Hollywood standards. However, with this scandalous see thru pic Emma is clearly announcing that she is finally ready to express her true degenerate nature.

Yes like all redheads Emma Stone is no doubt infested with lecherous djinns, which are known to cause freckling and an overactive clitoris in a condition called “gingervitis”. This is why redheads are often referred to as “fire crotches”, because an intense heat continuously emanates from their burning loins. Of course once a redhead succumbs to its gingervitis and is overrun with sexual desire (as Emma Stone clearly has been), there is no limit to the deviant perversions for which they will partake in to try and satiate their blazing libido.

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