Emma Watson Classy Nude In A Fur Shawl


British actress Emma Watson attempts to shows what a classy whore she is by posing nude with an expensive fur shawl in the photo above.

There is an old Islamic saying that “you can put pearls on a pig, but that doesn’t make it a princess”, and the same thing can be said for Emma Watson. For no matter how many fancy furs Emma adorns her naked body with she will always be a cheap skank, completely unworthy of serving as a concubine in the lavish harems of us wealthy Muslim men.

Yes as an English woman Emma Watson should know better, as even the heathen Brits respect the caste system and know that sophistication is something one is born with and it can not be bought. Of course us Muslims are the top caste in the entire world, as we all descend from powerful old money oil rich warlords. That is why Muslims are always looked to when it comes to style and taste, for our collections of gold-plated AK-47s, Mercedes-Benzes, and bed pans are the envy of refined people all over the globe.

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