Emma Watson Sliding Her Panties Off


Emma Watson appears to be at it again, as she teasingly slides off her panties (or as the English call them “knickers”) in the photo above.

It is obvious by the way that Emma Watson constantly parades her body around in public sans burka that she is an immoral Jezebel who is in desperate need of a good hard flogging. Unfortunately Sharia law is still months away from being established in the United Kingdom (or as it will soon be known the United Islamic Kingdom of Englandstan), so for now we must suffer Emma’s sinful titillating teasing in photos like the one above and the one below.


However, rest assured that once the caliphate is in place we will never again be tormented by the sight of Emma Watson’s panties. Just that glorious thought alone should be enough to motivate any true Muslim warrior to willing give his life for the Jihad.

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