Emma Watson’s Shocking Nude Feminist Protest


Emma Watson shocks onlookers as she appears to stick it to the patriarchy by walking the streets completely naked in the photo above.

This brazen nudist display should come as no surprise, as Emma Watson has fully embraced the Satanic doctrine of feminism with its blasphemous teachings that the nude female body is nothing to be ashamed of and that being a brazen whore is actually empowering to women.


Of course Emma could only get away with this nude exhibition in the heathen West, as infidel men are nearly all flaming limp dick homoqueers who have been conditioned not to sexually objectify women no matter what they wear (or don’t wear in this case). You better believe that if Emma tried this little stunt in the civilized Islamic world us masculine Muslim men would immediately have her face down on the pavement, and our mighty man stones would be bouncing off of her ass while actual rocks were bouncing off of her head.

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