Emma Watson’s Tight Little Ass In A Thong


Emma Watson flaunts her taut little British ass in a thong while wearing a see through dress in the photo above.

It is said that English girls like Emma are extremely uptight, and seeing Emma clench her tiny round butt cheeks together in this photo certainly proves this to be true. Of course like every woman in the future Islamic caliphate of the United Arab Kingdom of Britianstan, Emma will soon have a virile Muslim man loosening her up when he takes her as a concubine and buries his enormous meat scud deep into her rectum.


Sadly for Emma her backside is so small and tight that our gigantic manhoods will almost certainly end up ripping her wide open, as the mighty thrusts of our tunic snake tear through her anus hole like wet tissue paper. Although no one can deny that a life spent incontinent wearing Depends adult diapers is a small price to pay for the honor of serving as a Muslim’s anal fuck slut.

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