Fiona Gubelmann Nude Scene From “Employee of the Month”


The video below features “The Good Doctor” star Fiona Gubelmann’s topless nude scene from the movie “Employee of the Month”.

As you can see, in this film Fiona plays are crazy stripper whore who sits on a homoqueer infidel man’s impotent lap and rambles on and on while her magnificent mammaries dangle in his face.

Of course us pious Muslims have never understood Western strip clubs. For what is the point of paying slutty women to show off their sickeningly sinful female sex organs? Especially when these gentleman clubs frown upon the patrons trying to fuck, beat, or (as would be the case with Fiona) milk the girls that work there… Personally I’ll stick to enjoying the vastly superior entertainment of bacha bazis (dancing boys), and save myself the hassle of another tussle with bouncers followed by a hasty escape before the police show up.

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