Gal Gadot Nude Casting Couch Video Uncovered


The video below appears to be a recently uncovered nude casting couch audition featuring Gal Gadot.

Many have long speculated that Gal Gadot only got to where she is today in the Zionist controlled entertainment industry because she is a Jewess… But as you can see from the video above that is only half true, as she also made it to the top by being a tremendous whore who has no qualms about rubbing her nude Shebrew sin slit on camera for casting directors.


Of course this should come as no surprise, for Gal has been using her banged out cock box to advance her career for years. In fact, in her younger days she represented Israel in the “Miss Swollen Pussy Mound” competition, placing a respectable 5th place behind 3 women from African nations and 1 from France (which if you’ve been to Paris you know is basically an African nation as well).

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