Gold Metal Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman Nude Video


2-time Olympic gold metal winning gymnast Aly Raisman shows off her muscular nude body in ESPN The Magazine’s body issue.

As you can see in the video below, Aly has the powerful frame and sturdy hindquarters one looks for in a woman, as she could no doubt pull the plow over many hectares of land in a single day. Of course since she is a Westerner it is not surprising to see that Aly completely squanders her talents, as she spends her days prancing around and spinning through the air to no real purpose all in the name of “gymnastics”.

In the end it is best that Aly is not serving us Muslims for she is a Jewess and thus the spawn of Satan himself… not to mention that all of her muscle mass was probably achieved through the needle… as she no doubt injects herself with the tears Palestinian children for their magical properties.

Besides, women who choose to compete in athletics instead of giving birth and tending to their chores at home are unnatural and hopelessly depraved. This is evidenced by Aly Raisman naked in this video, and further evidenced by Olympian and curling world champion Eve Muirhead in the leaked blowjob photos below. Though at least to Eve’s credit her “sport” of curling revolves around sweeping.


aly-raisman aly-raisman aly-raisman
aly-raisman aly-raisman aly-raisman

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