Hannah Ferguson Covered Nude In Maxim


Hannah Ferguson slips her nipple past the censors in the covered nude photos below from the new issue of Maxim magazine.

Along with Alexis Ren and Rachel Cook, Hannah Ferguson is one those models that is grossly underappreciated in the infidel West, as the pathetically impotent kuffar men are so emasculated that they no longer dare to even lust after a woman of Hannah’s caliber.


hannah-ferguson hannah-ferguson hannah-ferguson
hannah-ferguson hannah-ferguson

Luckily for Hannah Ferguson us virile Muslim men are not even remotely intimidated by her angelic face and tight perfectly formed body, as our harems are packed with women just like her… So we’d certainly have no problem in walking up to Hannah and showing her how real men treat women… by knocking her to the ground and putting our sandal on the back of her head while forcibly pounding her rectum

Of course this Maxim photo shoot is not the first time that Hannah came dangerously close to exposing her nude body in a major publication. It would be remiss if we passed up the opportunity to look back at Hannah’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot from last year in the video above.

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