Hayden Panettiere Booty Shorts Gif


Actress and woodland elf Hayden Panettiere was caught trolling for teen boys by wearing booty shorts to a high school graduation in the GIF below.

I realize that Hayden Panettiere’s people are mischievous by nature, but to try to pick up high school boys by showing off her tight little ass in some jean shorts is just excessive. She could easily pick up high school guys in a burka, because lets face it they are not discerning. She just needs a few strategically cut holes and she can go bang her little elf heart out.

Next time Hayden Panettiere feels the need to troll for teen boy meat lets hope she does so morally by wearing a burka. I would hate to have to declare Jihad against the whole enchanted forest. Allahu Akbar!


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