Hayden Panettiere Nude On All Fours


Hayden Panettiere poses topless while crawling around on a desk in the photo above, and then completely nude while on all fours in the photo below.


Whether she is scrubbing the floors, praying towards Mecca, or waiting for her virile Muslim master to shove his tunic snake balls deep into her anal hole, a woman’s proper place is on her hands and knees. Hayden Panettiere wisely recognizes this, as she pleases us with this halal posture in these nude photos.

However, it is unfortunate that while she is on all fours Hayden is flaunting her sinful nude feminine flesh. For these photos would be infinitely hotter if Hayden were wearing a thick black wool burka, and if she were crawling around planting poppy seeds or better yet IEDs along a roadside frequented by US convoys. Now that sight may even get us pious Muslims to unsheathe our mighty meat scimitars for a vigorous flogging.

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