Hilary Duff Begging To Get Fingered

As you can see in the video above, actress Hilary Duff loves getting her sin hole fingered, especially when it is by the coarse calloused hand of a virile Muslim man.

That is why it should come as no surprise to see Hilary out in LA yesterday showing off her meaty thighs in extremely short jeans shorts in the photos below. For clearly with this outfit Hilary is desperately trying to entice us Muslims to go clam shucking in her pants again.

Unfortunately for Hilary the Muslim in the video was giving her a sympathy finger blast, out of respect for all the good work she did showcasing her nubile body back in the day on her hit show “Lizzie McGuire”. However, now all of that goodwill has been used up, and the only way Hilary will ever feel the unimaginable pleasure of a Muslim’s rough fingers fondling her meat flaps as our sand coated fingernails scratch against her lady button is if she were to agree to wear the martyr vest… and lose about 15lbs.


celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad
celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad

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