Inka Williams 18th Birthday Tribute Video


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the end of an era as impish model Inka Williams has recently turned 18-years-old, and she is now far too old to be taken as a wife by a virile Muslim man. To commemorate this sad squandering of talent, we have compiled the tribute video below featuring some of Inka’s most memorable moments.

Inka is the type of girl one would normally find chained up in the basement of an Eastern European “modeling agency”. Through the years she has amassed millions of followers on social media by parading around her tight teen ass in thong bikini photos and Snapchat clips like the ones in the video above.


I personally sent Inka Williams countless photos of my of enormous tunic snake along with threatening messages demanding that she come submit herself to me at once. But alas surprisingly my seductive charms had seemingly no effect, and now Inka is an unwed barren old maid with blasphemous lesbodyke tendencies.

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