Ivanka Trump Sex Tape Video

The Mueller probe into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election has taken a shocking turn today, as first daughter Ivanka Trump’s own probing in the sex tape video above has just been leaked online.

No doubt this Ivanka Trump sex tape will be the end of the Great Orange Sultan’s Presidency, as Mueller and his team of completely unbiased investigators rack up millions in billable hours over the next 5 years examining every frame of this video to determine if these are in fact Russian cocks colluding with Ivanka’s vagina.


As you can see from the nude photo above, Ivanka’s slutty Jew ass is a loose end that needs to be tied up. But regardless of the outcome of this latest amazingly epic bombshell, Sultan Trump is in a great deal of trouble, for his shyster lawyer has already confessed to the egregious crime of paying off whores to keep their mouths shut. According to CNN this is a heinous criminal offense that is certainly a super felony, and will result in Trump getting a life sentence or possibly even the electric chair.

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