Jade Chynoweth’s Snapchat Ass Shaking Is Out Of Control


As you can see in the compilation video below, dancer and social media sensation Jade Chynoweth’s Snapchat ass shaking is completely out of control.

Us Muslims have been closely following Jade on her Snapchat for years, as she is one of the finest specimens of female livestock in the infidel West. In fact, I personally have pleasured my enormous tunic snake numerous times to the thought of Jade’s tight strong body pulling the plow out in my poppy fields.

Unfortunately in the past few months Jade has not only not renounced her blasphemous slutty secular ways, but she has intensified her booty jiggling depravity. How does Jade expect me to continue enjoying flogging my manhood to her Snapchat when she keeps filming videos of her gyrating ass (and sadly I don’t mean a donkey with Parkinson’s)? Needless to say Jade’s next video better be of her doing something halal like digging a well or harvesting figs, or she is going to have one less follower.

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