Jenna Coleman Nude Scene Remastered

The video above features Jenna Coleman’s topless nude scene from the 2012 TV series “Room at the Top” expertly remastered by being smoothed, brightened, and color-corrected.

Despite clearly being a brazen whore, Jenna Coleman has been remarkably stingy with showing her blasphemous bare flesh onscreen since this nude scene. Instead she has opted for far more understated forms of sluttery like in the nightie video clip above.


Of course in Jenna’s personal life she has not been so demure, as she appears to have been photographed attending events completely topless, and taken a private pic showcasing her plump round rump in some sort of ridiculous thong with suspenders combo.

Clearly Jenna’s “good girl” professional persona isn’t fooling anyone, and she should give it up and provide us pious Muslims with much more nude material to remaster and then vigorously denounce.

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